November 15, 2016

Autumn Fun With My Border Collies.

I love to capture moments like these, moments I can treasure for the rest of my life. I enjoy documenting days like this for my blog so that I can look back and feel happy. As you may know my dogs mean the world to me and they never sit still for photos like this. So this was a true moment to capture, very quickly. 

I decided to bring along my Dslr and see if we could capture some beautiful pictures to print of our dogs. I never expected for them to sit still with me on a bench, 20 seconds later they decided they wanted to play again. In years to come I would love to show my children my dogs and how much I adored them.
head scratch mid walk 
Isabella will turn six next month, I was there the day she was born. We have a very special bond and she is my life. I owe my happiness to this little monkey, she brightens up the dullest day. Both my dogs are my best friends, a huge part of my family. From a very young age we have had border collies in our family, I am literally obsessed with this breed. 

Miss Juniper Berry!

Juniper is the youngest one at the small age of 2, she is full of beans and always on the go. She is a little rocket when you let her off the lead, you have to keep an eye on this one at all times. She enjoys swimming in the water, even when we say no its too cold. Her cheekiness melts my heart every single day and to capture a moment like this is everything. 

I owe my happiness to my little family, today was a magical day in the Autumn leaves. I love simple days like this, it brings joy to my life. I will treasure the pictures of us for many years to come, I love how full of life the border collies are. They give you unconditional love, cuddles, kisses and listen to what you need. Sometimes they are too cleaver for their own good, for example Juno can open the freezer door. 

Today was a happy day and I am so pleased we captured it. I hope you enjoyed my post and I will see you again tomorrow with some more content. 
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