December 19, 2016

How To Be The Best You.. / BodyForm Challenge.

BodyForm* very kindly sent over a challenge yourself goodie bag filled with things to make me challenge myself this year. Inside the goodie bag I found a selfie stick, remote, gym top, water bottle, Pro slim liners and a Ticket Master gift card. The gift card was so un expected so thank you to BodyForm. I have to admit going to gigs as a teenager was my favourite thing to do, now that I am 25 I find myself in the same routine each day. So it will be great to challenge myself to go out and have some fun. 

Having confidence to do something fun and exciting when you are on your period is hard work, you feel gross, down and moody right? Well BodyForm have set up a challenge to make you feel confident when you feel like this. Challenging you to go to the gym, go to a gig, festival and still feel as confident as you would normally. BodyForm have challenged me to go to a gig and document it, having fun and helping me along with my confidence to say yes!

It is normal to feel less motivated during your time of the month but having the confidence with the ProLiners will help you to take on any challenge. So my challenge to myself is to go to the gym three times a week without any hold backs in time to feel confident watching Little Mix next year. The Little Mix concert is my goal date to feel more confident in myself and to wear something incredible. I feel like a ball of mess right now but having this to look forward to is really helping my confidence. 

"What I'm afraid of is people seeing me, how I see myself"

I am all set to start my new year, new me in the gym with my work out top and my personalised water bottle. My goal is to feel confident watching Little Mix without any worries in my head, I want it to be a night to remember. I am obsessed with their new album and when I feel stressed or worried I put my ear phones in and put the volume up high. I can guarantee you I feel much better after. So me and my best friend will have a great night watching them live, thanks to BodyForm.
 Starting a new year can be exciting and I am determined to make this my year of feeling me again with the help from BodyFrom. I cannot thank them enough for giving me a goal and something to look forward to. My aim is to feel healthy again and look after my appearance. I want to smile more and have a good time without any anxiety taking over my mind during any fun experiences. I feel empowered already and I am excited for what will happen in 2017. 

2017 will be about saying yes to things because usually I am too afraid of new things, going out of my concert zone. 2017 will be me challenging myself to be a new fresh me, saying YES to things that scare me. I will be documenting my progress at the gym on my blog with the help from BodyForm so there will be lots of updates. I have to admit I have down days and I want to stop those with the help of the gym, even when I feel the lowest. Keep an eye out for my new blog post on my experience at the gym coming soon.

My BodyForm Check List 2017

  • Gym classes
  • work out at home
  • eat healthier
  • me time
  • say YES
  • Go to Little mix concert with confidence
  • control my anxiety
  • go out with friends
  • Night out
  • Remember i'm only human
  • be kind
  • Do more charity work for animals
Thank you BodyForm.
Check out BodyForm YouTube Video.

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