December 16, 2016

My Christmas Tree 2016.

 This is my favourite Christmas tree we have ever done, its full of things that I adore. Wildlife had to be a theme in it this year, I am obsessed with the theme as you may have seen in my bedroom posts. Red and gold was a theme from the start, I wanted it to be subtle yet look incredible when the lights are shining bright. I sit in my lounge feeling all happy and festive watching films with the tree centre stage in my bay windows. I picked up the candles From Asda as well as all my decorations this year. 

This makes me so happy to share on my blog, I feel really proud of our tree this year. It looks amazing in the window and I feel really happy sat cuddling my dogs and Rob watching films waiting for Santa paws to come and give my dogs their presents. I adore all the wooden hints in the tree, the stars and christmas tree ornaments are awesome. I picked them up from Asda for around £2 each. I adore the woodland creates that are in the tree, £2 from Asda and our little birds are from last years tree.

Asda was amazing this year, we picked up the tree and all the ornaments for short of £70 which is amazing. We started all over again with this tree, last year we moved house and I took all our stuff to the skip in a big clear out. I am pleased we started again because I am in love with this design. Wood, red ribbons and little creates made the tree our perfect tree.

The star garland was from Asda too, I think it was £5 which is a bargain and it looks great above the tree. The red ribbons really completed the tree for me, I picked them up for  £1 per pack. Pound land and Pound Stretcher have amazing decorations in this year. Wilkos have some really cute things in too. 

I am super excited to get all my presents under the tree and by all most likely all for my dogs...

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  1. It is beautiful I must agree 😍 All about the wooden details this year too!

    Nadia | xox


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