March 18, 2017

Products I Am Loving Right Now.

 Over the past couple months I have been testing out new products and trying to apply my make up well so it looks flawless. I was starting to look ill or tired most of the time towards the end of 2016 so I decided to up my make up game. By doing this people have started to notice a good change and I feel better in myself. Starting with good/ freshly waxed eye brows is a great way to look fresher.  I feel if your eye brows look good so does most of your make up, it sets you off to a good day ahead. I have been using a few new products and I wanted to share them with you.
 This Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow* foundation (£40*) is some what of a treat for me, I am very lucky to be able to try this out. I must admit I am a huge drug store foundation girl but we all have to have one that is a treat to wear. This foundation leaves my skin glowing and looking blemish free, perfect for the Spring make up looks. It glides on smoothly and blends in really easy, I am loving using it. It has spa 30 in it which is fab and the pipet allows you to apply enough onto your skin without waste. Overall a great foundation to use and great for my new make up routine. Lord and Berry is a brand I have been loving recently and this lip crayon is stunning, it applies well and doesn't dry out on your lips. I am obsessed with the shade, perfect Spring lip product. 
 When pay days rolls around I am purchasing the full size of the Too Faced Better than sex mascara, it is by far one of the best mascaras out there and I am a big fan of testing out many. It gives my eyes the lift they need and leave the lashes nice and dark. It doesn't clump or budge after a long day at work. My Bagsy bronzer is the perfect way to brighten up my skin, giving it the glow it needs. 
My perfume of choice this year has to be Kiss by Rihanna, the scent is just perfect for me. Nice and sweet which is great for the Spring months heading our way, the perfume has hints of plum. I adore the packaging but this is by far one of the best perfume I have ever owned, read my full review here.
My concealers of choice has to be the trusty one by Collection and a new favourite of mine by Soap and Glory. They work perfectly together to brighten up under my eyes and hide any spots away from the world. Overall I have enjoyed applying my make up this year, it has changed the way my skin looks and how I feel during the day. Nothing worse than after a few hours you feel like you look exhausted and dull at work. 

What have you been loving?
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  1. I'm getting the Better Than Sex mascara for my birthday in 2 weeks and I've heard so many good things!

  2. i read your post thanks to Such a great and necessary post I myself have dealt with trying to understand my motivations for blogging. I like that you share your personal experience with this, and that you come to a conclusion carry on

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  3. looooooove the armani foundation, it alwaus leaves my skin looking flawless (which it definitely isn't so yeeeeehah to any foundation that fakes it!).

    katie xx


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