August 11, 2017

Why I Took A Break From blogging!

Why do I blog, a question to ask yourself now and again to keep you on your blogging path, keep you focused on your aim. There are so many other blogs to compare yourself to but the main aim is to enjoy them and compliment them, never compare yourself. In 2016 I learnt that this little blog is my space on the internet, to type about everything I love such as beauty and my life. From this I I took with me into 2017, a space to be proud of, to feel creative. which brings me to say to you that you should be proud of yourself too. It is hard not to compare yourself but I think it would be a boring place if we all had the same content right? 

My confidence from 2016 played a huge part of me taking a break this year, I forgot how to love anything, myself, the things I enjoy and I neglected my life. Being stuck in a bubble of anxiety can do some real damage to yourself and you feel like no one cares. In 2017 I came to realise that was all in my head, if people didn't like me then so be it. I decided to become more confident, I wanted to become a nicer person and really engage with the world. My eyes have been opened to so many new things, I kept myself in a bubble over the last few years and this year I feel like thats popped. 
Having a new found confidence has changed my outlook on life, I now decide to just say the things I want to say and do things that make me happy. I have made some amazing friends just by opening up a little more, deciding to go on nights out and truly just let go. I am working on this more as the days go by. 

My blog has been my rock for almost 7 years now and I want to continue this amazing journey, enjoying what I write and doing it for the love of it. Sitting here at one in the morning typing feels amazing, even though tomorrow I know I will feel tired. I am planning on coming back with my beauty posts very soon. My photography means so much to me and I miss being creative, it makes me feel relaxed.

Blogging for me has to come from the heart, if it doesn't I take a step back. Thats why its been almost 5 months since my last post. My personal life took a hit but I don't want to go into that because that is still taking time to fix and hopefully for the better. Still so many amazing things happened this year and I am so happy they did, it gave me the confidence to live a more happy and confident life. 

Its all about the small things in life, taking time to appreciate it and taking joy in the every day. Reading a good book, passing an exam you never thought you could, someone hugging you for no reason, a smile, watching your favourite film, buy the sexy underwear. The small things to me mean so much and Im taking time to appreciate it. 

I may take too many selfies but for me this is a confidence boost, I cannot explain to you why but it works. I feel if I have a bad day I can scroll down my Instagram and remind myself to smile, to appreciate things and never give up on myself because trust me I am so hard on myself. Im my own worse enemy and this year so much of that has changed due to just taking time to do my make up or taking 100 selfies with my dogs. Whatever makes you happy do it.

so over the next couple months I hope to be back blogging and with all my heart again. This little space means the world to me and I am very proud of it. I want to continue growing as a person because its about dam time I did and enjoyed my life. Let me know what you would like to see on my blog and I will see you very soon....

Thank you for still being here and supporting me!
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