February 02, 2018

My Chihuahua Zoey...

12 weeks.
Hello, So today I wanted to share with you something very special to me and its my new baby Zoey. She's an incredible little girl who means the world to me, she is a huge part of my life. She has her own Instagram, Zoeythechichi, which I enjoy and I have it so that I don't drive my friends mad on my own social media with dog pictures all day long. 

Zoey is now 8 months old and she was a very special gift to me from a dear friend of mine who I adore. Something I have always wanted but never thought would happen, I finally have my own little dog who has the attitude of a big dog. Her eye brows are on fleek and she knows exactly what she wants in life, she's a true independent woman. She reminds me of a little fox, which is my favourite animal and she bounces from wall to wall just like a little fox. 

 8 months old.

She has so many beds in the house but this is her favourite, she can hide all the treats and toys in this and she likes to be carried to bed in this. It currently has two comfy blankets in there and she sticks her little nose out when she watches her sisters play. Its her little den where she can go to rest or be extra cheeky and hide the best toys.

I am so in love with her first dog collar with her name on it, when the was a baby she wore kitten collars. Her names was going to be Polly but she's not a soft dog at all, she loves her cuddles but her personality is huge so I decided Zoey would be a better fit. I love taking pictures of her, she is so photogenic. She is my dream dog came to life, such a beautiful girl with lots of love to give.

Everyone she meets they just fall in love with her and want to take her home. I am so proud of my little girl, she is one tough puppy who takes on the big world. As she was a gift to me I just cannot believe what a beauty she is and I feel very lucky to have her. Her mom and dad are loving little chihuahuas and I am a bit obsessed with the breed. One day I would love to live by the beach with all my chihuahuas and collies. 

At first walking her was an issue she would put her bum down and not move but now she takes on the walks just like her big sisters. I don't know how it feels to have children but I must admit my chihuahua has brought out a mothering instinct I never knew I had. My border collies are my babies too but she just makes my heart explode with love and happiness.

I really enjoy watching her play with her sisters because Bella is my first baby, she lets Zoey sit on her, walk all over her and she shares toys with her. Poor Juniper does not have that privilege of being that close to Bella at all times, she only allows it when she wants to play. I was worried Bella would not allow her to be part of the family but she has taken Zoey on as her own baby. 

Zoey is currently sat in my alp asleep and Bella under the desk, poor Juniper does her own thing and is currently playing with a toy one her own. Overall Zoey fits in so well and I could not imagine my life without her. She is the love of my life and a life without dogs is unimaginable.

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