January 15, 2018

My New Years Resolutions 2018.

Hello, I am officially back blogging. I must admit it will take a while to get back into from the big break I took. I truly believe that I will only blog when my heart is in it, I never do things half hearted and I never do things I don't want to do. So I decided to take a break, I hoped it wouldn't be for long but it turned out to be almost half a year. In my previous blog post I explained a little bit into why I took a break. Over the last few months its been a process of enjoying my own company, growing as a person and appreciating whats right in front of me.

I suffer with depression unfortunately its in my family and its not a choice I make to feel so low. Trust me I want to feel amazing, confident and all those good things but my mind has this block that I cannot budge, until in 2017 I realised I don't have to cure it I just need to know what makes me tick and do more of what I love. So today I wanted to share with you my new years resolutions, better late than never right?

1. Confidence

So this one is a huge part of my life now, I never ever want to go into that self loathing hole ever again. well at least not for long, I have found a new lease of confidence in 2017. I joined the gym, I wore pretty underwear every single day, this was a goal of mine in 2017 to work on myself and it truly helped. I do have an obsession with Victoria Secret and Primark underwear but there is nothing wrong with making yourself feel a million dollars right. Wearing matching underwear has this thing where it makes you feel like you have your shit together and dam do I look good in them!!

This feels weird blogging again but lets go with it...

2. Self Love 

So in 2018 I want to work out at the gym at least 3 times a week, I work full time and I don't want to make excuses for it any longer. You never regret a work out and at the end of this year I want to feel incredible. My moms wedding is in June so I do want to wear an amazing dress and feel great in it. I need to sort out my eating habits, I don't know how to cook and this is such a bad habit. In 2018 Im going to be kind to my health and feed myself the good stuff with pizza at the weekends right? EmTalks really inspires me with her fitness and her outlook on life. 

so rule number one for 2018, go to the gym!!!! 

3. Blog Blog Blog.

So even though I took a big break from blogging it made me realise I need to do this for me and only when I enjoy it. There is a reason I started this blog and I want to be more like that person this year. Over the past 8 years I have enjoyed talking about beauty and lifestyle, in 2018 I want to do interior posts, lifestyle posts such as advice and my progress at the gym. When I was nominated for two awards with Cosmopolitan magazine I felt like I could achieve anything, I felt so incredibly lucky and inspired to be at those awards and up for two awards. I will never forget how I felt at the awards, I felt like I could achieve anything I put my mind to and in 2018 that is the girl I'm going to be. No more comparing myself on Instagram, no more thinking I am not good enough to blog. I started this blog out of pure love and that is what I want 2018 to be about.

4. Charity work.

I work full time in a Pet shop, one that is very well known and they do a lot of charity work. I really enjoy that side of my job and in 2018 I want to make a difference to animal charities. i just need to sit down and think of a few ideas. In my line of work I do contribute a lot to charity, its the reason I am so passionate about my job. In 2018 I want to create something special and make a difference. 

5. Read

This is a simple resolution but I would love to read more. I would love to learn something new or start a new hobby. I enjoy reading books about mental health, animals and science. I am obsessed with dinosaurs and the biology of animals. more of this in 2018 please..

6.Enjoy the small things in life.

sounds daft but I enjoy the small things in life, like little things that people do to make others smile. Remembering something I said, random texts, random hugs, the small things are what make me smile. This year I downloaded the app Leap Second and I record a second a day, so simple but I love looking back at memories. 

7. Book A Holiday.

I would love to book a weekend away or a sunny holiday this year. Its more difficult for me to go away as I hate leaving my dogs but I would love to explore somewhere new and change up my routine. The last time I went away was 12 years ago when I lived in South Africa. 

8. online activity.

I am guilty for scrolling the internet for hours before I fall asleep, I would like to change that in 2018. One of the big reasons I stopped blogging was the amount I was online, snapchat, Instagram, Facebook you name it I was on it. Over the past few months I have decreased my amount online, I needed a break from comparing myself too much. I would worry my selfie was ugly or that I said the wrong thing etc etc the list goes on. 2018 is a healthy amount online and a confident me with my online presence. I would like to do one blog post a week to get me started and then see how I get on. 

This feels weird sitting down and typing up a blog post, finally. I enjoyed it and will be back doing beauty posts soon, that is one of my joys in life and I want to do more blogging. No pressure and just love for my hobby. I have a new dog that I need to introduce you to, its my chihuahua Zoey and she makes my life complete. more on that coming soon.

so let 2018 be the best year yet, working on myself and my life!

comment below your new years resolutions!
See you soon!
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